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The Dutrow's dream victorian was part of a South Part Villa thirteen lot subdivision established in 1890. Prior to that the land was part of a ophanage farm. During the early years Clarke Place subdivision was said to be a gated community as it was closed off to access by the public. Mrs. Harry Bowers, wife of the local lumber yard owner and developer of the subdivision arranged to close it off as she did not like the mess that farmers made with their horses as they delivered their product to the mills and canneries on east side of Frederick. The street was opened up in the 1920s when the city installed water and sewer to the neighborhood.


During the 1940s the home was converted to a upstairs and downstairs apartment configuration and remained so until 2001 when it was converted to a B&B.



Frederick City 1858

Clarke Place 1905

Use Google Maps below to walk Clarke Place and the neighborhood

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